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Give today and help us to honor and shape Poe's legacy!

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Preserving Poe's Legacy Since 1922...

Poe is one of the world's most iconic literary geniuses and we all learn to appreciate his work, talents, and ever-lasting influence through educational experiences, Poe-inspired art, and even movies. Asking our visitors why they come to the Poe Museum, we hear:

"I'm doing a report on Edgar Allan Poe and I wanted to learn more about his life."

"As locals, we always walk by the Old Stone House so we decided to come learn more about Poe's life here in the city...and meet the cats!"

"I've loved Poe ever since I memorized 'The Raven' in tenth grade!"

With over 35,000 visitors of all ages representing all fifty states and over thirty countries, our guests come to the Poe Museum for every reason imaginable. From events like Unhappy Hours to our resident black cats, Edgar and Pluto, the Poe Museum offers something for everyone.

Poe's story and influence has changed the lives of countless many throughout history. This is why it is our mission to interpret Poe's life and influence for the education and enjoyment of a global audience: to keep the truth of Poe's importance alive. Become a part of this mission today by helping us continue to honor and shape Poe's legacy.